The Movement Light arose from the inspiration of some creators, and mainly that of Soraya Touat, artist-painter, it is a dynamic process in the service of the arts and the beings.

It articulates around the emanation of the Light, the golden number of our DNA.

The meeting with Jean-Paul Zigrand, architect in the Luxembourg, gives a new boost, which will give birth to the creation of ” Movement Light The sàrl Main part ” at the beginning of 2017.

In 2016, ” The Coffee of Worlds ” takes place at the Maison des Comtes in Sauve  and in the Domaine Ribas At Générargues France.
The hologram was born for a beautiful adventure for the promotion of the New Consciousness through the Art.


Movement Light The Essential sàrl organizes exhibitions worldwide, with artists working in this consciousness which Soraya Touat’s works express so well.

The Movement Light, association dating 2013, organizes every year several quality events in places of character, originals, elegant and sophisticated. During these events, exhibitions and varied demonstrations are presented.


To promote the light in movement under diverse forms through multiple arts.
To promote the awakening of New Consciousness. The founder members of the association “Mouvement Lumière” have this ambition to watch that in every daily act, is highlighted these objectives in the service of a common dream.

“Under the magic caress of beauty, wake up the secret ropes of our being.
In reply has its call we vibrate and shiver.
We listen to the unspeakable and contemplate the invisible.
It’s the language which articulates in movement of life.”
.Soraya Touat